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3' Floor Drain Brush and 3' Sink Brush

Only $119.99


The Smallest and Most Versatile Vector

Only $199.99

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How much Bio Treatment do I need?

You need enough to get through the initial anti bacteria treatment and we suggest at least 2 addition weeks insert the amount of drains you put either foodstuffs, beer, wine, sugar, soda into. Include triple sinks as 3 drains.

Number of Drains:

1. Bio Drain is a premium blend of beneficial microbes and natural citrus oil in a thickened formula to coat the sides of drains.

2. Bio Drain will eat through the bacteria in drains to stop fruit flies , drain flies phorid flies and other flies from breeding, eliminating them at the source. The citrus oil provides a wonderful smell and some contact insecticidal activity.

3. This treatment will keep drains running freely and help prevent costly blockages.

4. contains microbes that eliminate odors and eat through bacteria where flies can breed, and citrus oil for extra power.

5. The oil has insecticidal activity and smells like fresh oranges.

6. Drain odors will quickly be eliminated when Bio Drain is in use.

Only $22.00

1. Moisten drain with warm water(1-2 gal) before treatment if not used regularly .

2. For start-up, the product should be applied every day for the first week and then weekly thereafter should be sufficient. It should be used in any drain where flies may be a problem and in drains that may clog from food etc.

3. May also be used in soda fountains drip tray to prevent or minimize "sugar snake". Sugar snake is a polymer produced by certain bacteria (Acetobacter species) when growing on sugar-like substrates at low pH (4.5). Sugar is transformed in the bacteria cell to a polymer that is then transported outside the cell. In the second stage, the polymer is elongated and crystallized to a rigid, hard, cellulose microfibril. When left untreated, these polymers "grow" and occlude drain lines in Ice & Beverage Dis-penser (IBD) machines.
The consequences of sugar snakes not treated are costly drain line backups and foul, vinegar-like odors. Also, sugar snakes often attract common pests such as small flies and ants.
Each year, fast food restaurants, convenience stores and other food service facilities incur expensive emergency plumbing bills to clear clogged IBD drain lines


1. Clean Out :Apply 4 oz. to each drain around the edges to coat the sides.
2. Repeat daily for 7 days and then every 1 week for ongoing maintenance.
3. For drains that have a very heavy layer of scum, clean the drain with a brush before beginning treatment for immediate results and then maintain with Bio Drain to prevent further build up.

1 qt- 8 applications $22.00
1 Gallon 32 applications $65.00