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3' Floor Drain Brush and 3' Sink Brush

Only $119.99


The Smallest and Most Versatile Vector

Only $199.99

Bio Foam Fly Drain System 2

6 Cans of Bio-Foam
1 Drain Brush
1 Floor Drain Brush

Only $299.99
Directions for use :
1. Run about 2 gallons of tepid water into drain.
2. Take drain brush and move in and out of drain brushing against the pipe. Do this step for about 1 minute
3. Run about 2 gallons of water into drain again.
4. Open can of Bio-Foam (shake well before using) and press down on the nozzle (pointing away from yourself and others)to dispense foam.
Note: Use in a well-ventilated area and avoid breathing spray mist.

Foam cracks, crevices, drains and other scummy areas where flies may be breeding. Remember that small flies often aren't just breeding in drains, but can breed anywhere food, moisture or other organic matter builds up and is undisturbed.
Prime areas include, peeling away baseboards, machinery cracks, beverage line bundles, beverage fountain drip trays, under ice machines, voids around dishwashers, walk-in coolers and tray conveyors.
The foam will take a few hours to dissipate and should be left undisturbed (and not washed away). The foam will need to be in contact with the scum for a period of time ( at least an hour is ideal) to be most effective. Do not apply directly to surfaces that come into contact with food unless the surface is disinfected with a quaternary ammonia type disinfectant after treatment.
Contact us for recommendations for other applications.