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3' Floor Drain Brush and 3' Sink Brush

Only $119.99


The Smallest and Most Versatile Vector

Only $199.99

1 Gallon Lord of the Fruit Flies Bio Drain and 1 Gallon Flyfoam

This is all you need, (plus your foamer) to create the foaming system for your drains and more.
Lord of the Fruit Flies Bio Drain kills bacteria in your drain where Drain Flies and Fruit Flies breed.
Lord of the Fruit Flies Fly Foam is
*100% Natural, with no chemicals or pesticides.
For restaurant and hotel use.
Best when used with Lord of the Fruit Flies Bio Drain.

Only $149.99
Directions for use.
Best if you watch our video on the front page of this site

1. Pour 1 Gallon of Bio Drain and 1 Quart of fly foam in your professional foamer and shake.
2. Pump 1.5 pressure into your foamer and you are ready to foam your drains and more.