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3' Floor Drain Brush and 3' Sink Brush

Only $119.99


The Smallest and Most Versatile Vector

Only $199.99

The Fastest Vector

Achieve rapid fly control in production and storage areas of large commercial facilities and back-of-house areas of restaurants and commercial kitchens with this fast-acting unit. The Vector Plasma is quick, sleek, light weight and delivers 72-watts of insect attraction. The Lift & Service cover makes service and maintenance a snap.

Only $374.99
Available in two models: A. Grilled cover for quick and easy inspection B. Screened cover for hidden glueboards Fastest catch in Vector family Dual glueboards provide maximum catch area Ideal for use in food processing, commercial kitchens, restaurants, warehouses and schools Product Dimensions Length: 21" Width: 2.5" Height: 12.5" Weight: 6 lbs Warranty: 3 years Installation Options: Wall-Horizontally Wall-Vertically Wall-Corner Counter Top