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3' Floor Drain Brush and 3' Sink Brush

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The Smallest and Most Versatile Vector

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Bio Drain Treatment (1 Gallon) Get 2nd Half Price

Lord of the Fruit Flies Bio Drain Cleaner
With this order you are getting 2 Gallons. BUY 1 at regular price AND SECOND HALF PRICE.


Bio Drain by itself makes a great drain cleaner and has a premium mix of microbes and natural citrus oil in a formula to glaze the perimeter of drains.
Bio Drain will consume the bacteria in drains which will prevent fruit flies, drain flies phorid flies and other flies from breeding, getting rid of them at the foundation. Bio Drain also has a wonderful smell so your drains will be and smell clean.
Your Drains will flow easier and this treatment will keep drains running freely and help avoid costly blockages.
Drain odors will quickly be eliminated when Bio Drain is in use

Buy 1 for Only $75.00
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Buy 4 for $225.00 Save $75
Each year, fast food restaurants, convenience stores and other food service facilities incur expensive emergency plumbing bills to clear clogged IBD drain lines. Our Bio Drain Treatment will save you from dealing with these unnecessary costs!! And it's Easy To Do!!

Lord of the Fruit Flies Bio Drain cleaner is best used when used with our Foaming systems( ) however it can be used alone.

1. It is suggested that a small brush be used for the initial cleaning of the perimeter of the drain. (Supplied on our foaming system)
2. Pour warm water into drain (1-2 gal) .
3. Apply 4 oz. to each drain around the edges to glaze the sides.
4. Do not use drain for a minimum of 60 minutes..
5. For your initial application, Bio Drain should be applied every day for the first 7 days and then twice a week thereafter. It should be applied in all drains that release any food, beer, wine, liquor or sugar. (Although we have found that using bio drain alone, we have found that our customers have a better success rate using our bio drain foaming system)
6. In soda fountains there can be a build up of “sugar snakes” We suggest that you also use the bio drain in your soda fountain dip trays. These sugar snakes will clog your drains, have bad odors as well as attract flies and ants. It is imperative that you use Bio Drain weekly to prevent this problem.

1 qt- 8 applications $22.00 ( 8 applications)
1 Gallon 32 applications $75.00 ( 32 applications)