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3' Floor Drain Brush and 3' Sink Brush

Only $119.99


The Smallest and Most Versatile Vector

Only $199.99

"I bought Your Bio Drain about two years ago for my business and ever since I used it I haven't seen not one fly and that was 2 years ago. I'm serious this stuff works that good . I couldn't believe it how it got rid of all the flies . I could have bought more but honestly I don't need it. What a product ! I recommend it."

San Carlos liquor and lounge
18911 S Tamiami trail
Fort meyers, FL

"Todd, Thanks!! I received your product about a week ago and I have virtually eliminated my fruit fly problem. I have been battling fruit flies for a year and your product has done the job for me in a week!! I can't thank you enough. Keep up the good work! "

Tumbleweed Southwest Grill
Springfield, OH

I recently placed another order with you for your product because it works so well. I was having a terrible problem with fruit flies until another Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory franchisee told me about your system. I began using the traps and the bio-drain in late March. Within five days the fruit flies were gone. Your product eliminated my fruit fly problem.

Ventura, California